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hot-blooded / вспыльчивый, пылкий, страстный
имя прилагательное
testy, irascible, violent, fiery, wildcat, hot-blooded
ardent, passionate, fervent, spunky, fiery, hot-blooded
passionate, impassioned, ardent, hot, sultry, hot-blooded
имя прилагательное
lustful; passionate.
hot-blooded, pulse-pounding passion
I think it's a secret fantasy of a lot of hot-blooded guys out there.
But in reality, there was only one story that any hot-blooded student really seemed to care about this term, and that was the closing of the Bomber and Fed Hall in late January.
There have been several hot-blooded clashes between Leeds and Arsenal over recent seasons, with Alan Smith central to many of them.
Beckham was initially fortunate to escape a booking for a high challenge on Thatcher, but he has still not managed to restrain his hot-blooded temperament.
Finns do not top of the list of people known for hot-blooded radicalism.
Despite caricatures about hot-blooded Latins and stiff-lipped Brits, we are, when it comes to emotions, all too human under the skin.
Angelina evidently has all the attributes hot-blooded males around the world seek in a woman too; so Darwinism was always going to be present in that delivery room.
The study, the most comprehensive into the love lives of men and women aged between 40 and 80, found that the hot-blooded Brazilians and much of continental Europe still top the world love league.
She did not know whether the baby's father was her vicar husband Ashley or hot-blooded Latin lover Carlos.
According to the curator of the project, combining these images with Latino rhythms makes for a hot-blooded mix.