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hostility / враждебность, неприятие, военные действия
имя существительное
hostility, animosity, enmity, animus, ill will, spite
военные действия
hostilities, hostility, arms
враждебный акт
внутреннее сопротивление
имя существительное
hostile behavior; unfriendliness or opposition.
their hostility to all outsiders
Both, however, had long since exchanged hustle and hostility for control and variation.
That is why even a kids' film like The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe can provoke such hostility .
Any identity built on hostility to others can change the object of its hostility as easily as a man changes his coat.
This climate of hostility affects us all, but most especially impacts those who reside overseas.
Public hostility to artworks isn't in itself anything that the artist should be pleased about.
Thus in spite of any improvements in the early years, there was always public hostility to contend with.
The rapprochement is remarkable because of the depth of the previous hostility between the two men.
It is time to punish journalists, for creating a climate of racism and hostility toward migration.
Such was the anger and hostility among the callers that one official refused to take any more calls.
He hadn't said anything nasty to the young man and there was no hostility between them.