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hostess / хозяйка, стюардесса, хозяйка гостиницы
имя существительное
hostess, housewife, proprietress, missus, missis
stewardess, air hostess, hostess
хозяйка гостиницы
landlady, hostess
stewardess, hostess, air hostess
имя существительное
a woman who receives or entertains guests.
the perfect dinner-party hostess
Helen pushes Jerry into asking out Naomi, an attractive restaurant hostess , but is horrified to discover she has an obnoxious laugh.
In this environment she is the embodiment of the perfect hostess , but this doesn't mean that's all there is to Delia Smith.
One summer I worked at a pancake house in Maine, and we had a tall, elegant older woman as hostess for the restaurant.
As callers are using the anonymity of radio, they can bare their souls to the hostess and even to the whole city across the air waves.
What if he was the person in the pictures and the female was a television program hostess , but they were just having a liaison with no job favors involved?
Li, a self-described feng shui expert, visited Taiwan in 1992 and married a former television hostess .
I guess I just like to be the perfect hostess - flowers on the nightstand, toiletries, favorite foods, etc.
In fact one member of his staff was formerly a restaurant hostess and another an accountant who both eventually found themselves in the pastry kitchen.
The other day, the hostess of a popular talk show on a Tamil channel announced on screen that she was sporting a ‘malivu vilai’ saree.
Karen Barnes, associate editor of Good Housekeeping magazine, believes it is possible to become the perfect hostess without losing your cool.