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hostelry / гостиница, постоялый двор
имя существительное
hotel, inn, hostel, guesthouse, pub, hostelry
постоялый двор
inn, house, hostelry
имя существительное
an inn.
For some twenty-seven years now this bottle has adorned the counter in Curley's Public House and has been filled with loose change and other donations from patrons and staff of the popular Clare Street hostelry .
The Tip Top House is believed to be the oldest mountain-top hostelry still in existence in the world.
Saturday, I was in town and decided to pop into the same conveniently-located hostelry on the way home for a refreshing gargle of the black stuff - as you do.
The ad was made in Iceland and also features the West Kerry hostelry , where the great man once pulled pints for the locals in Annascaul.
Here, the Rendezvous Allegra Hotel offers stylish and cleverly designed accommodation redolent of a self-confident New York hostelry .
When I finish work and head off for a margarita at some Santa Cruz hostelry , I don't want to have people who recognize me shouting ‘Pedant!’
But Maguire's pub of Manorhamilton in neighbouring County Leitrim has all the trappings of a truly historic and hospitable hostelry .
John and Bernie Gill celebrate three years in business in their popular Clare Street hostelry - Gill's - tonight, Tuesday, 29th July.
In their now famous hostelry , Mary and John made a major contribution to the development of Rosses Point as a centre of excellence in the leisure industry, both locally and internationally.
Sheila has worked in Rosie's for a good many years and is well known to many Irish folk who frequent this popular and long established hostelry in the city.
The BBC had put me up in a four star hostelry , gym and mini-bar inclusive (bless you, unwitting licence payers!