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hostel / общежитие, гостиница, турбаза
имя существительное
hostel, community, social behavior, bursa
hotel, inn, hostel, guesthouse, pub, house
hostel, youth hostel
жить на турбазе
The YMCA continues to provide social, sporting, and recreational activities, as well as hostel accommodation.
We stayed at this little town called Port Campbell in a YHA hostel that provided backpackers' accommodation for 18 dollars a night.
Construction delays at a new hostel have again seen students forced to stay in a hotel, possibly for as long as a month.
A hotel that once knew better days is now a cheap hostel .
If you're traveling solo, a hostel can be cheaper than a hotel.
The hostel provides free luggage storage, so I won't be burdened with a pack that's larger than my torso.
Funding is being provided to establish a hostel for visiting families of patients and for use by post-operative patients.
Many employers will not consider someone who provides a hostel or bed & breakfast lodgings as an address.
Comfortably housed in college hostels , the students describe the programme as the ‘most memorable of their lives’ and are very proud to be chosen.
Since 1981, a total of 28 people have been killed in fires at backpacker hostels and other cheap boarding facilities.