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hostage / заложник, залог
имя существительное
pledge, deposit, guarantee, bail, security, hostage
имя существительное
a person seized or held as security for the fulfillment of a condition.
the kidnapper had instructed the hostage's family to drop the ransom at noon
The gang took the manager to his branch while holding the rest of his family hostage .
they were held hostage by armed rebels
He said they would free all the hostages if police released the rest of the detained protesters.
They had become hostages at sea, where captives are more discreetly disposed of than anywhere else.
In essence, the manifesto which evolved during the 1990s was a pragmatic statement of radical intent which went out of its way to remove the more obvious hostages to fortune which were never going to be implemented anyway.
The blasts also triggered chaos inside the building, which a number of hostages seized upon as their cue to escape.
Statues, like wives and children, are hostages to fortune ; they inspire superstitious dread while their originals are in power, and an equally superstitious hatred when they lose the aura of power.
Japan can breathe a momentary sigh of relief after the release of three Japanese hostages .
One of the four Italian hostages who worked for a security company was killed.
The three hostages were rescued, although one is in serious condition in hospital.