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hospitalize / госпитализировать, помещать в больницу
помещать в больницу
admit or cause (someone) to be admitted to a hospital for treatment.
Casey was hospitalized for chest pains
As long as he was paying the bills, he could control her treatment, including the decision to hospitalize her, even when it was against her wishes and those of her family.
If I start getting like that, someone please promise to hospitalize me somewhere pretty, OK?
She concluded Aliah was suicidal but did not hospitalize her, referring her instead to an emergency clinic for further evaluation.
There is no necessity to hospitalize the patient.
In our experience, this approach usually leads to an agreement between the clinician and the patient on how to proceed - whether to warn the potential victim, modify the current treatment or hospitalize the patient.
Before he was taken to the quarantine center, he was hospitalized twice in Jakarta.
One of my friends was hospitalized after an accident with a bouncing castle at the weekend.
He was finally hospitalized in order to be treated for his alcoholism.
I was hospitalized many times and put on bed rest for 6 months of the pregnancy.
Thirteen persons were hospitalized for treatment of knife wounds and burns, including the priest.