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hospitality / гостеприимство, радушие, гостеприимность
имя существительное
hospitality, welcome, entertainment
hospitality, cordiality, geniality
имя существительное
the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.
Even in an age of mass tourism, many Cypriots still regard visitors as honoured guests and offer hospitality to total strangers.
имя прилагательное
relating to or denoting the business of housing or entertaining visitors.
the hospitality industry
His generosity and hospitality will be forever remembered by his neighbors and the many friends he made over the years.
They also promise a commitment ‘to hospitality which makes our guests feel like kings’.
they provided hospitality to the pilgrims
Scotland is renowned for its hospitality
hospitality suite
Still I was a little bit worried that I had been reckless to accept hospitality from a complete stranger.
But it's the subject of the hospitality industry and the Scottish workforce that really ignites Rissmann's passion.
I love the hospitality industry, there's so much opportunity to move in your job and every day's different.
The majority of the cabin crew and restaurant staff are from Goa, a place renowned for its friendliness and hospitality .
On the ground she was fêted with lavish hospitality by friends waiting at every far-flung airfield to whisk her off to a celebratory feast.