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hosiery / трикотаж, чулочные изделия, магазин трикотажных изделий
имя существительное
knitwear, knit, hosiery, knitting, stockinet, tricot
чулочные изделия
hosiery, hose
магазин трикотажных изделий
трикотажная мастерская
имя существительное
stockings, socks, and tights collectively.
Don't forget spare socks, hosiery and underwear.
Those who reported the symptom were asked whether it had made it impossible to put on hosiery (socks, stockings, or tights).
But instead of neatly-folded hosiery , out comes a congealed mass of tightly interwoven tights, socks, bras and assorted accessories.
Founded by Robert Pringle in 1815, the company originally sold lingerie and hosiery throughout Europe, the States, Canada and Japan.
He added that support tights, as opposed to proper compression hosiery , would not be beneficial.
When seamless stockings were developed it changed the future of ladies hosiery forever.
Currently, soft-tone silver hosiery and socks are popular.
In addition to 360 collections from over 100 leading suppliers of lingerie, swimwear and nightwear, this year's event brings together for the first time a full range of hosiery in the new Legwear Zone.
The exhibition also features the usual products such as sarees, crockery, bed linen, cosmetics, hosiery and some imported goods.
If it's winter, it's OK to wear dark hosiery like black tights to stay warm.
Ceriso girls just want to have fun in this funky new range of lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery , cosmetics, fragrance and body products.