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hose / шланг, рукав, чулки
имя существительное
hose, hosepipe, firehose
sleeve, hose, arm, branch, fork, hosepipe
hose, nosepiece, fire-pump
intestine, gut, bowel, hose
поливать из шланга
имя существительное
a flexible tube conveying water, used especially for watering plants and in firefighting.
Than remove the drain hose from the drain line and place it, along with the inlet water hoses into the tube.
stockings, socks, and tights (especially in commercial use).
a chorus girl's fishnet hose
water, spray, or drench with a hose.
he was hosing down the driveway
Control the pests by blasting them from the plants with a strong jet of water from the hose and, if necessary, following up with insecticidal soap.
What they thought of a young woman wearing mud splattered boots and hose , her hair plaited like a child's and in sore need of a bath, I did not know.
He was clad in a royal-looking doublet, hose and an over-tunic, which bore a crest.
Along the way, we passed a fire fighter using a hose to soak smouldering roots with water.
She panted as she struggled out of her heels and hose .
Pale pink toenails were visible through translucent hose .
Rainwater is far more beneficial for plants than water from your hose .
her hose had been laddered
Elizabethan doublet and hose
As a last touch, I usually turn my water hose to a fine mist and give all my new plants a nice clean shower.