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horticulture / садоводство, огородничество
имя существительное
gardening, horticulture, garden tillage, fruit-growing, nursery-garden
horticulture, olericulture
имя существительное
the art or practice of garden cultivation and management.
To celebrate its bicentenary it has created seven historical gardens to show how horticulture has evolved over the last 200 years.
Even our resident neighbourhood expert, a woman with a degree in horticulture , was not very useful.
Will it help Kenya's 500,000 people employed in agriculture, horticulture and its ancillary industries?
maize and manioc horticulture
There is now also plenty of planting land available for the students to learn new skills in horticulture and hard landscaping.
Ms Collins has never been able to go into her garden, despite having an NVQ in horticulture .
Jute has become invaluable, even in areas such as horticulture and gardening.
Hom is very fond of English horticulture and commissioned an English landscape gardener to design his garden.
In horticulture , kiwifruit vines are trained onto pergola or T-bar support structures.
Linn attended agricultural school and concentrated on the study of ornamental horticulture .
Ornamental horticulture often plays an important role in the conservation of plant species.