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hortatory / увещевающий, наставительный
имя прилагательное
hortative, hortatory, admonitory
hortatory, preceptive, hortative, admonitory, monitorial
имя прилагательное
tending or aiming to exhort.
the central bank relied on hortatory messages and voluntary compliance
The poems, plays, and essays of the committed cultural nationalist are characterized by a markedly hortatory or didactic manner.
If Washington means ‘war’ metaphorically, as when it speaks about a ‘war’ on drugs, the rhetoric would be uncontroversial, a mere hortatory device intended to rally support for an important cause.
Girlfight surrounds her with familiar fight-movie elements: the decrepit gym, decorated with hortatory slogans; the wizened coach with his own agenda of disappointments.
Anabaptists encouraged themselves mainly with hortatory texts and liturgical hymns extolling martyrs and martyrdom.
Thus there are really two kinds of story: that which shapes the Jesus narrative in each Gospel, and that which influences the didactic and hortatory arguments in the Epistles.
Political commentators, by contrast, are hortatory and didactic - and angry.
I submit the following translation of Tocqueville's final hortatory sentence/paragraph of his masterpiece not as an invidious comparison but as an illustration of differing approaches to the difficult task of translation.
But this argument is irrelevant, because these hortatory declarations are not legally binding treaties of the sort that could grant such powers.
Karris acknowledges the author's hortatory use of ‘good deeds’ and the catchword ‘sound’ to shame the opposition and to encourage believers.
It always seems a little odd to be sitting at the computer composing a column containing hortatory thoughts for the January / February issue to launch us into a bright new year while there is so much going on before we get to that.