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horsey / лошадиный, конский
имя прилагательное
horse, equine, horsey, horsy
horse, equine, horsy, horsey
имя прилагательное
of or resembling a horse.
wide eyes and big, horsey teeth
concerned with or devoted to horses or horse racing.
the horsey fraternity
He's using all his techniques to try to engage this slightly horsey gorgeous girl but she is steadfastly refusing to acknowledge him.
Some of them have an animal, although not necessarily a horsey , theme and the display on the large dresser certainly gives the shop a charming, quaint feel.
And his lead will be followed by others, with another four horsey movies already planned over the coming months.
Years ago, when I covered the world of the well-heeled horsey set, I would on occasion visit such ‘farms.’
The warden was a tall, square woman with broad shoulders and a horsey face.
He feels his horsey , ruined teeth are betrayed by his grin.
Aside from your horsey , toothless grin, your plain ugly mug, and your bald head, you're actually a decent-looking guy.
As I mentioned briefly last week, I met up with a Patrick Curran, a horsey man who runs, along with his wife, Helena the Capall Dubh bed and breakfast establishment in Green Street, Daingean.
Apparently, concerns over whether there will be enough conveniences for the horsey set dominated discussions at this week's Micklegate ward committee meeting.
More horsey activity for me yesterday as I attended the launch of the 2005 Irish National Hunt Festival in the gorgeous Guinness Storehouse.