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horsewoman / всадница, наездница, амазонка
имя существительное
rider, horsewoman, equestrienne
horsewoman, equestrienne
horsewoman, riding-habit
имя существительное
a woman who rides on horseback, especially a skilled one.
TJ has also organized a group of horsewomen who meet semi-regularly for trail rides, competitions and social activities called the Yee Ha Sisterhood.
Born in 1852 in Missouri, Calamity was an excellent horsewoman and gunslinger, and got by as an express rider, cook, dance-hall girl and prostitute.
Ms McAleese, who was a keen walker, horsewoman and dressage rider, had done everything possible to minimise the effect of the injury and had decided to continue with her activities.
She said that although Sarah was riding a large horse, she was an accomplished horsewoman who regularly took part in the hunt and had been riding since she was ten.
Mid-Atlantic-based horsewoman Henrietta George has purchased the Camden Training Center in Camden, South Carolina in a transaction expected to close early this month.
Brigitte is an experienced horsewoman well versed in breeding and herd care and Kerry is involved in upkeep, maintenance and grounds control.
She regarded Mrs Cross, who had ridden as a child and returned to riding a few years ago, as a competent horsewoman .
Letters from her grand tour show that at twenty-three she was a capable horsewoman , riding some distance over rough terrain without much fatigue.
She was in her own right a famed horsewoman , who perfected the side saddle riding technique, she was also master of the hounds and it was at her kennels in Moyle that the hounds were kept.
He felt sorry for her strawberry roan stallion Grand Illusion because Elantra was a horrible horsewoman .
Woodall, of Georgetown, Kentucky, was an accomplished horsewoman and a freelance photographer.