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horsewhip / хлыст
имя существительное
whip, switch, horsewhip
имя существительное
a long whip used for driving and controlling horses.
Vicious black-eyed figures in long dark cloaks with white neck collars and black horsewhips marshal the procession.
beat with a horsewhip.
It was a joke that, were it up to me, would lead to him being instantly horsewhipped until he can bleed no more.
I'd hate to have to horsewhip anyone at your ball, and spoil the appetites of your guests, but an affront to a host is no way to begin a party.
His future father-in-law came round to dinner one evening and attempted to thrash him with a horsewhip .
Again was it acceptable in those days to horsewhip a boy in a dairy?
Darren didn't answer when John grabbed a large horsewhip and brought it down over his back.
Robert LaFosse was the ringmaster who put these tykes through their paces with commanding smacks of a huge horsewhip .
She stood in front of him with a horsewhip , wearing a smile and nothing else.
By the end of the advert, the black man clearly wishes it had been the horsewhip .
After fifteen or twenty strokes from Harris, Wild handed the horsewhip to three former slave women whose scarred-backs told the story of years of abuse.
she would horsewhip them mercilessly
He was known as a prankster; on a tour of the Sistine Chapel in Rome he dressed up as the devil and terrorized penitents with a horsewhip .