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horseshoe / подкова, что-либо в форме подковы
имя существительное
horseshoe, shoe
что-либо в форме подковы
подковывать лошадей
имя существительное
a shoe for a horse formed of a narrow band of iron in the form of an extended circular arc and secured to the hoof with nails.
The Von Rogoff stable was almost twice as tall as any of the buildings nearby, hollow and hulking, with a deserted bird's nest tucked into the bend of the iron horseshoe nailed to the wood above the huge sliding door.
Vanessa, who sports a tiny horseshoe protruding from her nostrils, is applying to the adult division, too, having been kicked out of Belmont at age 18.
To create an engineer, you draw a shape like a squared-off horseshoe .
This is the Nuba Mountain region, a horseshoe of hills broken off by plains in central Sudan.
Smiling Rosetta made her way to the front of the horseshoe where the band was waiting and blew the attention whistle.
The remote Howgill fell between Sedbergh and Tebay attracted a senior field of 70 runners who competed over a testing horseshoe route that involved a big climb from the start line.
The Curragh is a right-handed horseshoe shaped course with a circuit of two miles with no sharp bends and a straight run-in of three furlongs uphill.
He said he left the house and ran around the block, which is shaped like a horseshoe , looking for the women's assailants.
A horseshoe bend on the Palmer River offered a flat and beautiful campsite.
It was a 14 kt gold necklace with a 14 kt gold horseshoe , an old fashioned symbol of good luck.
I keep wearing this diamond horseshoe necklace for good luck.