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horsemanship / искусство верховой езды
имя существительное
искусство верховой езды
horsemanship, equitation, manege
имя существительное
the art or practice of riding on horseback.
The former panel beater from Swindon was champion jockey seven times and was renowned for his graceful riding style and superb horsemanship .
From his earliest days of riding Dolly his horsemanship was superb.
It is a rugged contact sport that demands great horsemanship , balance and ball-handling skills from the human combatants.
He said he wants his students to learn horsemanship in addition to riding skills, as he did under trainer Odie Clelland.
Despite his youth and relative inexperience, he has shown mature horsemanship in his races, most notably on the first day of 2003.
I found Karen Brown in Bandera at Solitaire Ranch, and she explained natural horsemanship to me.
But, ultimately, games are won by superior horsemanship .
Two British gold-medal-winning athletes from the Athens Paralympics will be taking part in a display of horsemanship at this year's Grand National meeting.
Cowboy mounted shooting is a combination of reining, barrel racing, and horsemanship , while shooting at balloon targets.
He and Pat hit it off and Dave began studying natural horsemanship in earnest.
I could make a blanket statement that lead shanks with chains are bad for horses or that they're a sign of poor horsemanship .