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horseman / всадник, наездник, кавалерист
имя существительное
rider, horseman, knight, equestrian, cavalier, ride
rider, horseman, equestrian, ichneumon, ichneumon fly
cavalryman, trooper, horseman, cavalier, saber, horsesoldier
rider, horseman, fare
horseman, horse-breeder
имя существительное
a rider on horseback, especially a skilled one.
Harvey was a very good rider and an excellent horseman .
Harvey was a very good rider and an excellent horseman .
If you have any questions or concerns, ask an experienced horseman or veterinarian for instruction.
The horseman should be poised, relaxed and in control of the situation.
But what they are basically looking for is evidence that the horseman is trying to make a profit.
It is very important to become a better horseman and be aware of the little changes in your horse's behavior and attitude.
It is fantastic to see him reach this milestone - he is one of the best horseman in the business
One of our biggest regrets is that the horsemen , who have really stuck with us over the years, now have one less place to go.
Moorhouse was impressed with all three horsemen and the progress they made with the fillies.
Turfway is asking all horsemen to log their horses' temperatures twice a day.
Representatives of horsemen and breeders pleaded with the commissioners not to approve the plan.