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horsehair / конский волос, волосяная бортовка
имя существительное
конский волос
волосяная бортовка
имя прилагательное
из конского волоса
имя существительное
hair from the mane or tail of a horse, typically used in furniture for padding.
Quality furniture formerly used horsehair stuffing, and this may still be present in some antiques.
At the reception, I counted five horsehair wigs.
In 1857, an efficient power wire loom had been developed; one of the early uses was for kitchen sieves, which previously had been made from horsehair .
The Italians are wearing black robes with ornate gold braid on their shoulders; the British, horsehair wigs; the Dutch and French, simple, unadorned black robes.
The main difference, though, lay in the padding - either lamb's wool or horsehair - Broughton incorporated into his gloves to soften blows.
These tautly stretched lines consist of single strands of horsehair , arranged in an elegant composition that brings to mind the great horizontal tableaux of Barnett Newman.
To characterize the effect of the sample preparation procedure on the keratin structure, WAXS patterns were recorded for three groups of four horsehair fibers.
Early wigs were made of black horsehair , dressed daily with powder and a scented ointment called pomatum, which had ruinous effects on the wearer's clothes.
A few of them had dyed horsehair forming a mane along the top of their helmet.
All the experiments were carried out on horsehair fibers taken from the tail.
The nests are usually constructed of mud mixed with straw, grasses, or horsehair , and cemented to the vertical surfaces of old beams or rafters.