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horseflesh / конина
имя существительное
имя существительное
horses considered collectively.
Half a ton of horseflesh running scared across a battlefield is a frightening and dangerous prospect.
During the wooing scene, Petruchio assesses Kate as though she were a piece of horseflesh , checking her ‘gait’ for imperfections.
But when two wealthy men bid head-to-head, it isn't just about horseflesh and bloodlines.
Forbidden to surrender the Sixth Army struggled on in the final weeks of January 1943 eating raw horseflesh , with no medicine for wounds and no anaesthetic for surgery.
The purpose was to safeguard the export of meat products to countries which prohibited the marketing of horseflesh .
His genius as a handler of horseflesh has long been acknowledged.
Beyond the whitewashed plank fences grazed the most expensive horseflesh I'd ever set eyes on.
Royal Ascot is traditionally a high-point in the social calendar when fashion competes with horseflesh for attention.
The market for British horseflesh on the continent has doubled over the last five years.
Horsehide is not quite as readily available as cowhide - we don't eat many horses in America, but the French and Belgians love to munch on horseflesh , so most of the hides come from Europe.
For the rest of us, as always, the sweet smell of horseflesh is the only tonic.