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horseback / верхом
horseback, on horseback, astride, astraddle, ahorse
имя существительное
спина лошади
имя прилагательное
improvised, impromptu, makeshift, extemporaneous, extempore, horseback
имя прилагательное
mounted on a horse.
a horseback rider
After that she never rode horseback in the parade again.
But it was Frenchie who fell in love with Montezuma during a horseback ride along the beach.
The county also has spectacular golf, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and horseback riding.
Locate horseback riding lessons, hiking trails or yoga classes in your area.
Bike riding, skateboarding and horseback riding are all sports that require helmets.
But I do travel a lot, and riding horseback is a great way to see a country from a different perspective.
You represent all trail riders when on the trail and how you act influences people's opinions of all horseback riders.
At the lake you can arrange logistics with the Kazakh horsemen who operate horseback riding services there.
You can go horseback riding at Gumboot Gully, along Maori trails and picturesque ridge-tops.
The only other users you should encounter on the trails are other horseback riders and hikers.