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horror / ужас, отвращение, мрачное настроение
имя существительное
horror, terror, consternation, nightmare, atrocity, recoil
disgust, aversion, revulsion, distaste, repulsion, horror
мрачное настроение
приступ страха
что-либо нелепое
имя существительное
an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust.
children screamed in horror
a bad or mischievous person, especially a child.
that little horror Zach was around
Much to everyone's surprise, his government then - shock, horror - actually did what it said it was going to.
Ruggles also exhibits a horror of repeating himself, something Ives apparently didn't mind.
The work was a breakthrough, spawning the birth of two literary genres: science-fiction and horror fiction.
that little horror Zach was around
Shocked, I reeled away in horror , fearing that some passing stranger might take me for a rubber fetishist, a thought that appals and revolts me.
Individuals can respond to these experiences with intense fear, horror or a sense of helplessness.
Consumers have reacted with shock and horror over reports that frozen chickens sold in supermarkets are often fed on ground up chicken parts mixed in with grain.
To my dismay and horror , he ripped the sweater apart in order to better access to my chest.
many have a horror of consulting a dictionary
Schröder's announcement of an early election unleashed a wave of horror , dismay and rebellion in the ranks of the Greens.