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horrify / шокировать, ужасать, страшить
shock, scandalize, horrify
terrify, horrify, appall, appal, dismay, affright
frighten, horrify
fill with horror; shock greatly.
they were horrified by the very idea
If our charge was to make a horror film, we made it our objective to horrify an audience to the maximum degree possible.
London Evening Standard columnist A. N. Wilson argued that, ‘These stories and pictures horrify us, but they should not surprise us.’
The State Government's proposed cannabis law reforms will horrify parents and others worried about the local drug scene, according to Greenough MLA Jamie Edwards.
I hate bullies but I do have a horrible feeling I have this bullying streak in me, and it does horrify me.
These attacks will repel and horrify anyone with any shred of decency or humanity.
A television documentary showing graphic pictures of an abortion will shock and horrify viewers, according to an Old Town mother who went through a similar procedure.
On Monday a colleague of mine was sacked, not so unusual you might think but it is the reasons surrounding this incident that horrify me.
If you thought that was bad, I have terrible news that will shock and horrify you: things actually get worse.
Sometimes what people will say will horrify us but we value that right to free speech and we have a duty to uphold that right even when we disagree with what they say.
It offends and horrifies us when we learn of decaying archaeological sites, looted museums and burning libraries.