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horrific / ужасающий
имя прилагательное
terrifying, horrific, horrifying, appalling, terrific, shocking
имя прилагательное
causing horror.
horrific injuries
All who drowned were illegal immigrants who endured the most horrific working conditions.
To lose a child that way or to have to identify their body would be just horrific .
The siege had come to a brutal and ugly end, but the full horrific scale of the crisis had not yet revealed itself.
Today horrific memories of the greyest of days in January are hard to erase.
Often, when grafts heal, they thicken and leave the patients with horrific scarring.
He says that is the way it has to be, because the reality is too horrific to squeeze into a prime time television slot.
There, last Tuesday, occurred a scene all but lost amid the horrific pictures of last week.
It would also ask them to think about the horrific manner in which he died.
Some time later I received a magazine containing the horrific pictures of Belsen.
In the letter he told of Barbara's battle to recover from her horrific ordeal.