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horrid / ужасный, противный, ужасающий
имя прилагательное
terrible, horrible, awful, appalling, dreadful, horrid
nasty, contrary, disgusting, repugnant, obnoxious, horrid
terrifying, horrific, horrifying, appalling, terrific, horrid
nasty, lousy, filthy, detestable, blackguardly, horrid
repulsive, repellent, unsavory, revolting, appalling, horrid
имя прилагательное
causing horror.
a horrid nightmare
rough; bristling.
Our caves are not like her castle, and when we pluck fruit from the trees we have nursed so carefully in crevices, away from the wind, we have to climb their rough and horrid trunks.
She couldn't help but think of thousands of horrid possibilities.
They were horrid , smelly, dirty and obstinate things that dominated your life right through every winter, and no-one who doesn't have to would even think of having one.
For the past few months, she has been living a horrid nightmare after the sudden death of her ten-year-old daughter, Nicole Pierre.
The horrid images of mistreatment by military police being broadcast around the globe have already proved damaging to their interests overseas.
Also, my apologies for the atrocious spelling and grammar mistakes, they're horrid !
‘Behind the bar, it was so smelly and horrid ,’ she recalls, nose wrinkling.
I was wearing the standard graduation robe in a horrid red colour.
Why couldn't it have all been a horrid nightmare?
Although the appearance of the young man was absolutely horrid , the one blue and one brown eye could never be mistaken.
The scenarios I thought up were more horrid and gruesome than the whispers that still continued, growing in volume until I was sure I would go mad.