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horrendous / устрашающий, вселяющий ужас
имя прилагательное
awesome, deterrent, redoubtable, horrendous, redoubted
вселяющий ужас
имя прилагательное
extremely unpleasant, horrifying, or terrible.
she suffered horrendous injuries
We see some terrible cases but this is the most horrendous for some time.
It's great for Roger because he's had a hard time since he suffered a horrendous injury last season.
The victims have suffered a horrendous ordeal and quite appalling injuries in the case of Mr Francis.
The case of these missing girls is gruesome enough without such horrendous false alarms.
Kenny Smith feared for his life on the Ullapool to Stornaway Calmac ferry during a horrendous storm.
I am not going to give you examples, but there were two really horrendous stories, awful.
Cheap and nasty food becomes even cheaper and nastier to subsidise the horrendous wastage.
I climb out of my top bunk and get my Walkman in the hopes that music will drown out the horrendous noise.
Now everyone in the media agrees what a horrendous mistake it was not to follow up on it.
A ban on this horrendous daily cruelty to thousands of animals would impact on the profits of food producers.