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horology / часовое дело, искусство измерения времени
имя существительное
часовое дело
искусство измерения времени
имя существительное
the study and measurement of time.
And while his father encouraged him to pursue higher studies in horology after a basic degree in engineering, he found a different calling for himself.
Plinlimmon would seem to be offering a kind of antinomian horology at worst, at best an unctuous pragmatism of local mores.
These two shows and their accompanying catalogues have spawned a new level of study based on a combination of comparative and documentary research never before seen in horology .
We have to create space for them, so I got rid of a number of subjects, such as horology .
The following year Jonathan Betts, the curator of horology at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, was contracted to survey and produce a catalogue of the collection.
Sadly, on the whole, The Horizontal Instrument is far more interesting as a bluffer's guide to horology - with a few regrettable dramatic interludes.
Since then, the watch-makers of Geneva have achieved an unparalleled reputation in the art of horology .
David S. Landes's Revolution in Time treats ‘clocks and the making of the modern world’ in earlier historical periods, with a good emphasis on economic history as well as horology and philosophy.
I've been umming and ahhing about what to take but I think I've settled on horology .
His interest in the sciences, particularly natural history, agriculture and horology , was perfectly attuned to the spirit of entrepreneurial expansion in manufacturing that surged through the realm during his reign.
I've got my eye on horology and small mechanisms.