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horizontal / горизонтальный
имя прилагательное
horizontal, level, landscape, lateral, aclinic, point-blank
имя существительное
horizontal, contour, contour line
имя прилагательное
parallel to the plane of the horizon; at right angles to the vertical.
a horizontal line
merging companies that are engaged in the same stage or type of production.
a horizontal merger
of or at the horizon.
the horizontal moon
имя существительное
a horizontal line, plane, etc..
Nushu characters are structured by four kinds of strokes, including dots, horizontals , verticals and arcs.
Swimmers must swim face down moving their arms and legs together in a horizontal direction and while their head can be immersed completely, it must break the surface of the water during every complete stroke.
The 30 propellant charges on the right in three rows of 10, stowed vertically on a horizontal conveyor belt that runs under the floor of the vehicle.
When sabotage is directed at co-workers who are on the same level within an organization's hierarchy, it is called horizontal violence.
Recent studies challenge value creation in conglomerate mergers, concluding that there are no synergies created through diversification or horizontal mergers.
In other word, Neoplasticism represents the absolute elements - primary colours and vertical and horizontal lines - that underlie all appearances.
Because the structure of the Iraqi insurgency is horizontal as opposed to hierarchical, it cannot be decapitated.
Siebel specialises in fairly inflexible vertical market products, while Oracle has an array of customisable horizontal CRM systems.
Both vertical and horizontal forehead lines are usually improved by this technique.
The key issue with horizontal mergers is that they may allow market power to be wielded, either by single-firm monopolists, or by collusive oligopolies.
Leonti ripped the Sestuan's massive sword off of the horizontal mount on the machine's back and parried the other machine's katana with it.