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horde / орда, полчище, орава
имя существительное
horde, gang
flock, pack, flight, school, swarm, horde
gang, band, horde
жить скопом
собираться кучами
собираться толпами
имя существительное
a large group of people.
he was surrounded by a horde of tormenting relatives
a loosely knit small social group typically consisting of about five families.
That primitive society took the form of a horde , the leader of which horde, the horde-father, actuated by his sexual jealousy, habitually treated his sons with extreme brutality.
Such is the notoriety of the paintings, the auction at Gleneagles next month is expected to attract interest from a horde of international collectors who are expected to bid at least £30,000 for the pair.
The prospect of better remuneration and living conditions attracted a horde of low paid Muslims to such gatherings.
It's one thing to get some exercise; it's something else to repeatedly, day after day, show off in spandex before a horde of newspapermen.
It was deeply metallic, and somewhat dark; almost like that of the hybrid outcast he had led his horde against over five centuries ago.
I had forgotten that Julian himself had a horde of loyal female defenders.
Outside the Russia House, headquarters for the country's Olympic delegation in Turin, a horde of people gathered at the entryway, looking frozen and distraught.
But leader writers have to compete for attention nowadays with a horde of columnists and regular commentators who indulge in polemics which are, by their nature, less measured than editorials.
This nomadic horde on horses is supposed to have ‘conquered’ a civilization covering an area of almost 800,000 square kilometers.
A barrier of shimmering light appeared, stretching from wall to wall and ceiling to floor just as the horde of evil warriors ran straight into it, letting out cries of rage at a magic they could not get though.
After the slaying and cannibalising of the primal father, if the horde was to survive, there had to be a prohibition against murder and another against incest.