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hopping / вприпрыжку
skipping, hopping
имя прилагательное
prancing, hopping, jumpy, saltatory, vaulting
frenzied, furious, savage, hopping, redwood
имя прилагательное
very active or lively.
the delis do a hopping lunch business
(of a person) move by jumping on one foot.
‘You're hopping , you're jumping, you're running, you're planting your feet,’ he says.
flavor with hops.
a strong dark beer, heavily hopped
be stimulated or intoxicated by or as if by a psychoactive drug.
None cared about the threat of AIDS, and all were hopped up on crystal meth - a drug the story's headline described as THE BEAST IN THE BATHHOUSE.
It was only ten in the morning but already the place was hopping with activity.
Judging by the hopping weeknight traffic, he's right.
Other late offers include seven nights in a complex near to Ibiza's hopping San Antonio for €389 per person in early September.
As with all Spanish cities, Santander has a hopping nightlife scene.
However, IN & M UK chief executive Ivan Fallon said the telephone was hopping all day with expressions of interest in the titles.
The Bay Area is a hopping landscape of free culture.
Throughout the night the dance floor was hopping with never a dull moment.
By far the funkiest group of all at the march were the anti-globalization protestors and anarchists, who were accompanied by a hopping good percussion band.
Despite the remodeling going on in the bar, La Griglia was hopping at midday on Monday.
Things seems to be hopping everywhere but Cannes, however, where this year's Film Festival was reportedly as fun as Russell Crowe in clown make-up.