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hopper / бункер, хоппер, загрузочная воронка
имя существительное
hopper, bunker, bin, pocket, batcher, hutch
загрузочная воронка
jumper, leaper, hopper, caperer, springer
загрузочный ковш
имя существительное
a container for a bulk material such as grain, rock, or trash, typically one that tapers downward and is able to discharge its contents at the bottom.
Most of them are unit trains of grain hoppers or container trains.
a person or thing that hops.
They are excellent hoppers , fleeing from predators with long bounds.
Then you continue three hours on to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, and catch a 45-minute hopper flight to Lijiang, an aging hamlet with old stone houses and cobblestone streets.
The diesel locomotive that pulls the hopper cars into place is operated by remote control, eliminating the need for at least one additional worker at the terminal.
Loading was done during the day, after the coke had cooled while sitting on the wharf. The larger chunks were thrown by hand into a C&O hopper spotted on the coke siding.
It was a hopper plane, the red-eye across the state so there were only eight people total, including pilot and assistant.
You can load the hopper directly, or the hose can suck mulch materials into it.
One of the patterns is heated and clamped on top of a dump box or hopper , which contains the resin-refractory mixture.
The set-up consists of a large hopper of sand placed above a rough inclined plane.
These reports of high grasshopper populations are coming later than normal, and most of the reports have been of numerous smaller hopper nymphs.
A bid for a grant to extend the local hopper bus service was one way of persuading drivers to leave their cars at home.
Pour your powder into the hopper , enter in your desired charge weight in grains, and press a button.