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hopelessly / безнадежно
hopelessly, despairingly, beyond hope
in a way that shows or causes despair.
she sighed hopelessly
used to emphasize that a situation is beyond hope of improvement; irredeemably.
before long, he was hopelessly lost
before long, he was hopelessly lost
The lightly armed Rangers were hopelessly overmatched; they were slaughtered.
At first glance, a position espousing a spiritual orientation to all disease seems hopelessly at odds with Western medicine.
In the world of Overtime, the planet Earth is hopelessly overcrowded.
The bulk of the adult population still farms tiny plots of hopelessly unproductive land in grinding poverty.
I turned my attention back to the ute, which was hopelessly bogged in thick black mud.
she sighed hopelessly
Many times different versions of news appear to be hopelessly contradictory with each other.
The institutional church has become hopelessly corporate, hopelessly tangled in a web of secularism.
The current global financial system is presently hopelessly bankrupt, says LaRouche.