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hopeless / безнадежный, неисправимый, безвыходный
имя прилагательное
hopeless, desperate, irredeemable, dark, black, horizonless
incorrigible, hopeless, irredeemable, irreclaimable, unamendable, remediless
hopeless, desperate, inextricable, dead-end, blind-alley
despaired, hopeless
имя прилагательное
feeling or causing despair about something.
his situation was obviously hopeless
inadequate; incompetent.
I'm hopeless at names
She's managing to pay the rent on her one-room apartment, even if she is a hopeless slob.
His mum's doing the best she can, but she's on her own, and her ex is hopeless .
I said feebly that my husband dealt with that sort of thing - I was hopeless at filling in forms.
The situation seemed hopeless and desperation filled them both with anger.
In the light of the authorities to which I have already referred, that ground of appeal was clearly hopeless .
I feel hopeless now and I don't want my life ruined just because I have not enough cash.
They are now at the end of the visa-processing line, but their situation is far from hopeless .
If your situation really looks hopeless and your debts leave you in despair, it's best to get professional help.
Stefani says that she's hopeless at spelling and grammar, but that it doesn't matter.
The UK is just hopeless at coming up with legal responses to extremist activities.