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hopefully / с надеждой
с надеждой
in a hopeful manner.
he rode on hopefully
it is to be hoped that.
hopefully, it should be finished by next year
We'll have a new bird table to put up which will hopefully get some custom over the autumn and winter months.
The car park will also hopefully ease traffic congestion and parking difficulties.
hopefully, it should be finished by next year
The odour while it was boiling was wonderful, so hopefully the end product will be equally good.
Even the most hopefully titled song turns out to catalogue misery and disaster.
he rode on hopefully
So hopefully she'll be in when I go round to their house and I can throw some ideas around with her.
hopefully the road should be finished by next year
I wrote this quickly but hopefully this is the type of list you are looking for.
All in all things are good and hopefully the rest of the week will continue as good.