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hop / прыгать, подпрыгивать, перепрыгивать
jump, leap, hop, skip, spring, prance
bounce, jump, hop, bob up and down, bob, jump about
jump, jump over, leap, hop, leapfrog, hop over
jump, jump up, up, hop, start up, upstart
прыгать на одной ноге
hop along, hop
имя существительное
flight, hop, migration, passage, voyage, over
bounce, jump, leap, hop, spring, bound
jump, leap, hop, bounce, caper, skip
dancing, hop
имя существительное
a hopping movement.
The dancers rely on powerful, rather slow, twirling movements with hops .
an informal dance.
This surge in popularity in all forms of dance is equally mirrored in the lindy hop , with many events occurring around the country.
a twining climbing plant native to north temperate regions, cultivated for the conelike flowers borne by the female plant, which are used in brewing beer.
Brewed since 1900, Bohemia is named in honor of the hop growing and beer brewing region of the Czech Republic.
(of a person) move by jumping on one foot.
‘You're hopping , you're jumping, you're running, you're planting your feet,’ he says.
flavor with hops.
a strong dark beer, heavily hopped
be stimulated or intoxicated by or as if by a psychoactive drug.
None cared about the threat of AIDS, and all were hopped up on crystal meth - a drug the story's headline described as THE BEAST IN THE BATHHOUSE.
Now it was just a hop on an internal flight from Luxor to Aswan and on to the banks of the Nile and lake Nasser.
Brewed since 1900, Bohemia is named in honor of the hop growing and beer brewing region of the Czech Republic.
Then they'll hop on a plane and head home tomorrow evening.
If you start to burn out on Amsterdam, hop a train to Haarlem.
Kaleo knew his way around the city well, and to him, everything was just a hop , skip and a jump away.
His business place was just a hop , skip and a jump from my home!
After working in the organization for perhaps a year, they hop jobs, with the primary objective being more money.
The cold feel of the paint all over her face made her hop up and start jumping around, in a vain attempt to remove the paint.
We made the trip home in one hop .
Contrary to popular belief, these insects do not hop , jump, or fly.