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hooves / копыто, нога, копытное животное
имя существительное
hoof, unguis
leg, foot, shank, hoof, peg, gam
копытное животное
ungulate, hoof
имя существительное
the horny part of the foot of an ungulate animal, especially a horse.
there was a clatter of hoofs as a rider came up to them
With their teeth, hooves , horns and dung, wildebeest have literally cultivated the grasslands.
She heard the clopping of horse hooves but she didn't know where it was coming from.
The only sound I could hear was the clicking of our boots and the hooves of our horses.
Cyril paused to lift up one of the horse's hooves and check it for pebbles and mud.
I closed my eyes, the horses hooves and the rocking of the carriage almost lulling me to sleep.
She was thinking about going back home when she heard hooves clatter on the bridge.
She heard the horse hooves slow and she saw that they were coming to a stop at an inn.
Worse still, due to bad roads the animals are often left with bleeding injuries and broken hooves .
The two horses leapt over him, their iron shod hooves just mere inches from his body.
The angry stamping of hooves brought her back to the present situation.