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hoot / уханье, гудок, крик совы
имя существительное
beep, toot, horn, buzzer, hooter, hoot
крик совы
buzz, hum, hoot, drone, boom, beep
shout, cry, yell, holler, call out, hoot
имя существительное
a deep or medium-pitched musical sound, often wavering or interrupted, that is the typical call of many kinds of owl.
Various yelps, hoots , screams, squawks, and other vocalizations are used by many species of primates and birds to herald the approach of predators to relatives and other members of the same species.
(of an owl) utter a hoot.
Crickets chirped, owls hooted , and cicadas caterwauled in screechy harmony.
There has been a stream of people coming to stand on the picket, most cars hoot in solidarity against the war.
Kyle let out a hoot of laughter over Aiden's opinion.
The night was still and no sound was heard, apart from the occasional hoot of the owl, the master of the shadows.
Moving to the rhythm, Jason starting dancing in a slow sexy way; this made Rebecca and Kale hoot and laugh even more.
The most important thing is that this is a place where you can still hear the owls hoot at night.
The ‘Facial Aerobics’ skit was a hoot , while the beheading of a screaming woman was not.
There was the sound of thunder and of game shooting and the hoot and whistle of steam trains.
As she spoke on the phone, a hoot of laughter erupted in the background.
I laughed again and glanced to my right where Thomas was sitting on his horse with a grin forming on his lips and he let out a hoot .
The sound of crickets, mosquitoes, and the occasional hoot of an owl pierced the deafening silence.