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hoopla / шумиха, игра 'кольца', суета
имя существительное
hoop-la, brouhaha, ballyhoo, boom, stink, whoop-de-do
игра 'кольца'
vanity, bustling, bustle, rush, scurry, stir
turmoil, bustle, ado, flurry, clutter, tumult
nonsense, stuff, crap, applesauce, malarkey, baloney
имя существительное
excitement surrounding an event or situation, especially when considered to be unnecessary fuss.
the hoopla and ceremony of international competition
a game in which rings are thrown from behind a line in an attempt to encircle one of several prizes.
The event, on July 3 from 11 am - 4.30 pm, is to be an old-fashioned fair, with coconut shies and hooplas rather than more modern games.
As usual, I'm more interested in observing the media coverage and surrounding hoopla than the actual sporting event.
The hoopla surrounding a wedding can be pretty distracting for a while, but eventually you will get home from the honeymoon and reality will be waiting for you.
The crowds were entertained by an array of stalls and games, including the traditional hoopla and lucky dip.
When I finally saw the film, after over a year of hoopla surrounding it, its director, and the director's father, I found it to be a wholly unremarkable film.
The race, which generated a donation of 1 million cans of soup for charity, was part of the silliness that accompanies Super Bowl hoopla .
In an industry filled with as much hype and hoopla as the dotcom world in its heyday, Biogen is a company with products, revenues, profits, and prospects.
And new DVD releases are accompanied with an unending amount of excitement and marketing-driven hoopla .
Take a look at where we ended up after all that site-search hoopla : right at the very spot where our journey for a more progressive future had begun.
When asked about the recent hoopla surrounding gay marriage, he barely musters enough interest to dismiss the conversation.
That's a lot of high-profile hoopla for a record that's essentially a chronicle of economic and emotional poverty.