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hooligan / хулиган, безобразник
имя существительное
bully, hooligan, hoodlum, ruffian, tough, rowdy
hooligan, roughneck, scamp
имя существительное
a violent young troublemaker, typically one of a gang.
Residents are being driven out of their homes by young yobs and hooligans who are making their lives a misery.
But to label the whole Asian community for the acts of a minority is nearly as senseless as labelling every football fan as a hooligan .
a football hooligan
A football hooligan who butted a rival fan has been banned from the terraces for four years.
The hooligan element has re-emerged at every level of football.
There was nothing unusual about any of this and no doubt the hooligan gangs of both clubs were eager for more trouble after the game.
A football hooligan who last week was banned from attending matches for two years has now been barred from coaching a Bedford youth side.
Football violence has increased markedly in the city in recent years and there have been numerous outbreaks of trouble between rival hooligan gangs.
In the past alcohol was the fuel for much football hooliganism and the drinks ban has played a major part in reducing violence and disorder at matches.
The Japanese authorities had feared an invasion of English hooligans , but there has been little trouble so far.
Officers have been given the go-ahead to impose curfews and exclusion zones on young hooligans .