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hooky / прогул
имя существительное
absenteeism, truancy, hooky, absense from work, French leave, no-show
имя существительное
stay away from school or work without permission or explanation.
имя прилагательное
(of a tune or a component of a tune) having immediate appeal and easy to remember.
a hooky bass line
It's a fabulous record, from the string of catchy tracks that opens the album to the slower six-minute ‘Fountain Song’ and the barrage of hooky tunes composing the latter half of the disc.
Opener ‘Mornings Eleven’ starts with a hooky indie-pop riff and an impossibly catchy chorus.
If they had decided to break from tradition and round out their hooky gems with massive percussion to balance out the wall of sound, the album would be nearly perfect.
She's clearly found an appropriate songwriting partner with husband Bill Bell, and has enough hooky songs to counter her abundance of emotional ballads.
Their set consisted of hooky pop gems that relied on guitar and punch for most of the power, and the mixture was a pleasing one.
The new songs have strong, hooky melodies, but very personal, intimate lyrics.
Adams' melodic, hooky country-rock blends in nicely with the cool, sunny atmosphere of the island; it's really a great combination.
Like their last album it takes a couple of listens before it really starts to appeal, as the songs aren't very hooky .
They make music that's fun and fresh, adding urban beats and hooky riffs to catchy rhythm lines and choruses that make you want to jump and shout.
I found those songs kinda catchy and hooky and it made an enormous impact on me.