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hookworm / нематода
имя существительное
nematode, hookworm, eelworm
имя существительное
a parasitic nematode worm that inhabits the intestines of humans and other animals. It has hooklike mouthparts with which it attaches itself to the wall of the gut, puncturing the blood vessels and feeding on the blood.
Back in the Stone Age (or the Middle Ages, for that matter), the immunoglobulin E system had its hands full fighting off roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms , and flukes; it had no time for being precious about dust mites and cat hair.
Among those implicated are rotavirus, hookworm , Giardia.
The prevalence of hookworm had reduced from 55 per cent to eight per cent and schistosomiasis from 48 per cent to 24 per cent.
He was a public health scientist who cruised tropical rivers and hacked his way through jungles - a man who tirelessly fought hookworm , yellow fever, malaria and typhus fever in countries all over the world.
He has lost a lot of weight, due to hookworm , and he has open wounds in his chest and abdomen.
It conducted important research on such endemic parasitical diseases as hookworm , malaria, and yellow fever.
We asked for a second opinion and began our relationship with Richard, who immediately diagnosed hookworm and successfully treated Max for it.
Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris trichiura, and hookworm are the most prevalent geohelminth infections.
In the developing countries this is normally the result of poor diet, often combined with blood loss due to parasitic infection, particularly hookworm .
Nongovernment organizations have initiated public health programs such as the Rockefeller Foundation which undertook eradication of pellagra and hookworm .
Anyone who has recently been to a tropical country may have a test for hookworm .