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hooked / крючковатый, помешанный, с крючками
имя прилагательное
hooked, hamate
bonkers, mad, crazy, freak, hooked, moonstruck
с крючками
suspended, hooked, poised
crooked, wry, awry, askew, bent, hooked
имя прилагательное
having a hook or hooks.
a hooked gold earring
captivated; absorbed.
he was hooked on a video game
(of a rug or mat) made by pulling yarn through canvas with a hook.
There were many guest rooms, each with a white linen cover on the bed, a table, a chair, white curtains, an oval hooked rug next to the bed.
attach or fasten with a hook or hooks.
the truck had a red lamp hooked to its tailgate
catch with a hook.
he hooked a 24-lb pike
strike (the ball) or play (a stroke) so that the ball deviates in the direction of the follow-through, typically inadvertently.
To draw or hook a golf ball, you must have fast hands.
push (the ball) backward with the foot from the front line in a scrum.
This is done by hooking the ball with the soft swinging motion of one of the feet as the teams 8-man scrum pack pushes forward to give the hooker more room to hook the ball.
(of a woman) work as a prostitute.
Its legs and feet are bright yellow, as is its large, hooked bill.
His long, curved neck, wrinkled face and hooked nose gave him an appearance similar to that of a vulture.
Her hair was a creamy light brown - almost blond - and her eyes shone bright green over a slightly hooked nose.
He had short hair, and looked like an imp with a hooked nose.
Barrie's eyes were cold, hard, and dark gazing out at her from over a hooked nose.
Although Colin Byrne was hooked on golf from an early age his transformation into one of the world's leading caddies was more accident than destiny.
These owls have large heads, large, slightly elongated eyes, a short, hooked bill that points downwards.
The youngest children were always afraid of him, for he looked so odd and menacing with his one eye, crooked back, hooked nose and black cloak.
I must admit I am still hooked on the series, the developing characters and their ongoing, individual stories.
Today hooked rugs survive in some quantity, but folk art collectors are much more likely to hang early examples on their walls than put them on the floor.