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hookah / кальян
имя существительное
hookah, calabash, hooka, chillum
имя существительное
an oriental tobacco pipe with a long, flexible tube that draws the smoke through water contained in a bowl.
Men gather there after work to talk, drink dark coffee, and smoke cigarettes or hookahs (water pipes).
Shisha is tobacco mixed with molasses and fruit flavors that is smoked in a hookah (water pipe).
We smoked a hookah with the local chieftains afterwards.
But I spent the remains of the afternoon lounging on the divan with Ali-Bab, nibbling almonds, sipping mint tea, and listening to the water bubbling merrily in his hookah .
Latif sat on the verandah and puffed away at his hookah .
So we had to finish our drinks and smoke our hookah while the staff cleared up around us.
One elderly man with a hookah at his table stopped puffing to say: ‘He's homesick.’
Saïd and Khaled spend most of their time drinking tea, puffing on a hookah and talking in circular logic.
He drew deeply on his hookah , wheezing and coughing, making it burble and bubble in the still air.
In urban areas, men enjoy spending their leisure time in teahouses, socializing and smoking the hookah , or water pipe.
I am a big fan of hookahs ever since I tried them when I was in the Middle East in 2000.