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hook / крюк, крючок, хук
имя существительное
hook, crook, piton, grapple, hanger, hinge
hook, hanger, peg, needle, crotchet, frog
trap, snare, hook, pitfall, catch, decoy
hook, hitch
recruit, hook
pick up, hook
catch, capture, pick up, catch hold of, hook, nail
fasten, zip up, hook, clasp
hitch, hook
имя существительное
a piece of metal or other material, curved or bent back at an angle, for catching hold of or hanging things on.
a picture hook
a thing designed to catch people's attention.
companies are looking for a sales hook
a curved cutting instrument, especially as used for reaping or shearing.
He arranged two lines of men with flails, clubs, pitchforks, sickles, and reaping hooks .
a short swinging punch made with the elbow bent, especially in boxing.
a perfectly timed right hook to the chin
a curved stroke in handwriting, especially as made in learning to write.
Kurtz notes, ‘The small hooks at the end of the "t" and the "i" indicate a writer who is tenacious, holds on to beliefs, doctrines, ideals.’
attach or fasten with a hook or hooks.
the truck had a red lamp hooked to its tailgate
catch with a hook.
he hooked a 24-lb pike
strike (the ball) or play (a stroke) so that the ball deviates in the direction of the follow-through, typically inadvertently.
To draw or hook a golf ball, you must have fast hands.
push (the ball) backward with the foot from the front line in a scrum.
This is done by hooking the ball with the soft swinging motion of one of the feet as the teams 8-man scrum pack pushes forward to give the hooker more room to hook the ball.
(of a woman) work as a prostitute.
One interesting solution is to hook your thumb drive to a neck strap to make a necklace, or a key chain, That way, you will never leave home without it.
she tried to hook up her bra
The hook that caught him was the girl's attitude.
Too often players subconsciously misalign their shoulders to compensate for their usual hook or slice.
strong, funky vocals with a hook that gets into your head
The line is what connects your pole to the hook and the bait.
In the process he was caught by a left hook which left him entangled on the ropes.
Nearby on the floor sat her knitting basket, from which she leaned over and pulled a crochet hook and a ball of gold-colored yarn from.
a picture hook
I draped his coat on an empty hook and walked into the kitchen.