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hoof / копыто, нога, копытное животное
имя существительное
hoof, unguis
leg, foot, shank, hoof, peg, gam
копытное животное
ungulate, hoof
dismiss, fire, retire, lay off, discharge, hoof
expel, kick, out, chase, drive out, hoof
бить копытом
stamp, paw, hoof
имя существительное
the horny part of the foot of an ungulate animal, especially a horse.
there was a clatter of hoofs as a rider came up to them
go on foot.
it was awfully hot, but we hoofed it all the way back
we hoof it reasonably fancily, and no one guffaws
we hoof it reasonably fancily, and no one guffaws
I closed my eyes, the horses hooves and the rocking of the carriage almost lulling me to sleep.
Most of them show an animal with cloven hoofs and a beard like a goat, or sometimes a mane like a horse.
She was thinking about going back home when she heard hooves clatter on the bridge.
The more it rained and the more the horses churned up the ground with their hooves , the worse it got.
I hoofed it to my parents' room to tell them the story.
Although this is a business trip, I'll have a few hours to hoof it around London, and I am interested to know which places I can visit that have special appeal to Catholics.
But people were not the only hunters of these large, hoofed mammals.
The unicorn was the color of alabaster, except for the pure gold of his hooves and horn.