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hooey / чушь, ерунда
имя существительное
nonsense, rubbish, drivel, garbage, hooey, tripe
nonsense, bullshit, rubbish, baloney, bollocks, hooey
имя существительное
your interest is just a lot of hooey and I know it
Musselman is the son of the late Bill Musselman, who once coached Cleveland and Minnesota and gained a reputation as a man who wouldn't tolerate any hooey .
That's just so much hooey , but then fiction always sells better than nonfiction, doesn't it?
But that's all hooey , say new-style teachers such as Zeer.
It was his task to persuade us that the Big Bang was a lot of hooey .
Most readers already know that the official statistics are a pile of hooey , routinely manipulated to demonstrate an economic fantasy that doesn't really exist.
the emphasis on family is pretentious hooey
She thought that all that stuff she heard about guys and their cars was just a bunch of hooey but now she wondered if there wasn't some validity in those claims.
My orthopedist just laughs and says that's hooey .
I'm here to tell you that this is a bunch of hooey .
That's absolute hooey , as has been widely reported in the media.