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hoodoo / шаманство, колдовство, неудача
имя существительное
witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry, incantation, enchantment, hoodoo
failure, fail, bad luck, bad, setback, hoodoo
bad luck, hard luck, ill luck, hoodoo, misfire
человек, приносящий несчастье
hoodoo, Jonah, jinx
overlook, hoodoo
bewitch, charm, hex, hoodoo
приносить несчастье
jinx, hoodoo
имя прилагательное
witching, voodoo, wizard, spellful, necromantic, hoodoo
имя существительное
voodoo; witchcraft.
But while walking in a park in New Orleans a few days ago, I suddenly got the urge to drop a couple of bucks on what I thought would be a mildly amusing little black magic hoodoo voodoo palm reading.
a column or pinnacle of weathered rock.
a towering sandstone hoodoo
she's hoodooed you
This is more about hoodoo /voodoo and other forms of black magic.
It features stories with musicians, soldiers, vampires, hoodoo men and women, and just plain folks.
To understand hoodoo curses and cures, she had to undergo harrowing initiation rituals, which she described in ‘Mules and Men’.
There's a tradition in hoodoo called ‘the sewn-up pocket’ which is where you sew up various items (roots, herbs, found objects) into the pocket of an item of clothing.
Indeed, the visitors looked anything but a side haunted by a hoodoo as they set about their task with relish.
It results in the first Laois/Kildare final since 1946 when Laois won their last title and broke a Dublin hoodoo that had lasted for 22 years (and much longer in Croke Park).
But curiosity gets the best of her, and Caroline opens the door to find a wealth of materials representing the old house's history of hoodoo , an ancient form of folk magic.
Manager Terry Dolan is refusing to rest on his laurels after York City's 2-1 win at Leyton Orient boosted the team's survival hopes and ended a season-long hoodoo .
This sort of thing is not too far removed from hoodoo & rootwork, which is one of the most effective systems of sorcery I've encountered.
My magic primarily involves relationships with deity and practical hoodoo (pins in dolls, roots and herbs, found objects, candle burning, etc…).