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hoodlum / хулиган, гангстер, громила
имя существительное
bully, hooligan, hoodlum, ruffian, tough, rowdy
gangster, mobster, killer, hoodlum
goon, hoodlum, housebreaker, trasher, loogan
имя существительное
a person who engages in crime and violence; a hooligan or gangster.
He was a gangster, a hoodlum , a thug: much less creative than his dad.
He was a gangster, a hoodlum , a thug: much less creative than his dad.
Over time, Taylor begins to enjoy life as a car-jacking hoodlum .
One particularly edgy sequence involves the hijacking of a transit bus by a young hoodlum , who's then frustrated by the unwillingness of his hostages to express themselves honestly to him.
Then they saw thugs and hoodlums taking over the streets.
But the most horrific incident of this sort in the novel occurs when Lorraine is raped by C. C. Baker and his gang of hoodlums .
Not content to leave it at that, the gang of hoodlums chased after the drunken trio.
First of all a fearless, infallible hero pitted against a bunch of hoodlums and brutal, power-crazy politicians is too stereotypical for words.
Here was a young man who had left his middle-class home to fight alongside labourers, professors, artists and hoodlums .
Doesn't such an attitude encourage hoodlums to commit such crimes again and again?
The gist is this: there's a small Scottish town plagued with young hoodlums whose violence is getting out of hand.