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hooded / закрытый, спрятанный
имя прилагательное
closed, close, enclosed, shut, covered, hooded
hidden, hideaway, shrouded, hooded, recondite, wrapped up in
имя прилагательное
(of an article of clothing) having a hood.
a hooded cape in violet silk
put a hood on or over.
He said the accused had also known she would recognise him so he added to her trauma by hooding himself, and to make sure he was not seen, had thrown a towel over her head.
He had these amazing long brows, as dark as his hooded eyes, and a small, perfectly groomed moustache perched on top of his upper lip.
Leslie's expression was unreadable, but he kept those hooded eyes on her back until he noticed Willoway's amused glance.
He was standing beside her now, watching her with deep, hooded eyes.
As they got nearer, one of the doors swung open and a bent, hooded figure swathed in rags came shuffling out.
He was a blonde guy with hooded green eyes and a fierce tan.
The expression in his hooded blue eyes is somehow both resentful and embarrassed.
His hooded eyes gleamed with the malignant satisfaction of a correct deduction.
A hooded figure appeared before him and laughed coldly.
They looked on as the crowd of hooded figures began to chant.
Bryan, in the passenger seat, hid his hands in the pouch of his hooded sweatshirt.