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honourable / почетный, благородный, достопочтенный
имя прилагательное
honorable, honorary, honorific, honourable
noble, honorable, generous, genteel, knightly, high
honorable, worthy, Right Honorable, honourable
honest, fair, honorable, upright, sincere, straight
venerable, respectable, honorable, reverend, elderly, reputable
имя прилагательное
bringing or worthy of honor.
this is the only honorable course
used as a title indicating eminence or distinction, given especially to judges and certain high officials.
the Honorable Richard Morris Esquire, chief justice of the supreme court of our state
So why don't they do the honourable thing and resign their posts and let the citizens run the city according to the wishes of the citizens?
These are honourable motives for getting involved in the political process.
I went home with this girl once and her father asked, ‘Are your intentions honourable or dishonourable?’
By resigning she did the honourable thing and deserves credit for that.
The integrity of the author is, of course, a prerequisite for publication in any honourable journal.
Her husband followed later after completing a long and honourable career in the airline business.
They told the 66-year-old that the honourable course of action would be to resign.
It is hardly the way to treat the most distinguished and longserving members of a noble and honourable profession.
The leader of the trade union said he believed Mr Smith had done the honourable thing by resigning.
He used to be very kind and dependable and I used to believe that his intentions towards were me honourable and that once he had resolved all the issues with his ex-wife and children, that he would marry me.